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Let’s face it – summer is a season we all have a love/hate relationship with. The sun, salt, and sand bring on happy thoughts and relaxation, but intense heat and humidity can really be a drag. At FREEDOM Naturals, we want you to feel confident in yourself and your skin no matter the season. Check out these 6 beauty tips to live by in the summer. Let’s beat the heat together!

  1. Cleanse Your Face in the Morning and Evening

Sweat is inevitable. Whether you claim to “glow” or sweat uncontrollably, a salty residue will be left on your face if you don’t take time to wash it. Start with FREEDOM Naturals Calming Cleanser, which is perfect for all skin types. Gently massage your face while cleansing to rinse away makeup and sweat, while balancing the presence of oil and improving skin’s overall appearance.

  1. Creams Are Crucial

To prevent a makeup mishap, ditch the powder in the summer and invest in a cream-based foundation. Powder is notorious for sitting on the surface of the skin which eventually will fall throughout the day and leave your foundation looking caked-on. For an effortless look, lightly blend a cream-based foundation onto your face for a look that’s sure to withstand the humidity all day!

  1. Hydration is Key

Oddly enough, when your skin looks oily on the surface, that can be a result of dehydration. To maintain a clear, smooth complexion in the summer heat, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated on the inside and out.

  1. Always Travel With a Sponge

As the day continues, the T-zone has a tendency to shimmer more than you want. Instead of packing on heavy powder when oil strikes, reach for your makeup blender or sponge! These are also commonly called “beauty blenders.” The blender will absorb any excess oil without piling on unnecessary product. If any foundation is removed through the blotting process, just use the sponge to spread it around for a smooth finish.

  1. Switch to Waterproof Mascara

Unfortunately, humidity can cause some wear and tear on your mascara. In the summer, you run the risk of starting off the day with beautifully done-up lashes and end the day resembling something of a raccoon. We’ve all been there… Purchase a long-wear waterproof mascara for a lasting look from sunrise to sunset!

  1. Let Your Skin Breathe

If you’re on a summer vacation, give your skin a break too! As the temperature begins to climb, apply less layers of makeup, which will reduce the movement of your makeup throughout the day. Apply a light moisturizer, such as FREEDOM Naturals Calming Moisturizerand a dab of concealer in those pesky problem areas, but let the rest of your skin breathe. Our Calming Moisturizer is soothing and produces a healthier looking complexion leaving the skin to feel soft and hydrated!

Just because it’s hot and humid out doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer. For more information on our Calming Cleanser and Calming Moisturizer and other natural products, visit www.freedomnaturals.com.


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