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Dear Skin, I Love You

With the passing of Valentine’s Day and the soon arrival of Spring, there’s no better time to show some L.O.V.E. to our skin. If we don’t give our skin the attention it deserves, acne, wrinkles, fine lines and other skin issues arise over time. Today, FREEDOM Naturals is sharing a special love letter to our skin to help celebrate its beauty.


A Love Letter to Our Skin


Dear Skin,
I know I don’t show you enough, but I really do love you. Through many years of useless products and harsh ingredients, I’ve come to the realization that you’re more than what I look like from the outside. You’re an integral part of me, and I need to respect you. It’s not your fault that you get bumpy, red or itchy sometimes! I now know that the red, flushing of my cheekbones doesn’t always mean I’m shy or embarrassed. Today, it’s time for a change. The days of carelessness are behind us. Skin conditions are nothing to be ashamed of, and I apologize for the frustration I’ve taken out on you up until this point.
I’ve spent countless hours researching, watching YouTube videos and following bloggers to figure out how to make up for how I’ve treated you in the past. That’s how I discovered FREEDOM Naturals – an affordable skincare line that actually works and blends earth’s best ingredients without the nonsense. FREEDOM Naturals is cruelty-free, botanical-based and also seeks to empower women by donating a portion of proceeds on products sold to #MTEDV.
Are you ready to officially start (and stick with) a daily skincare routine? I think I’ve made you wait long enough! You’re going to love how FREEDOM Natural’s Calming Cleanser and Calming Moisturizer soothe and help improve your overall appearance. Both the Calming Cleanser and Calming Moisturizer can be used in the morning and at night, so we no longer have to stress out about those ‘morning burst’ or ‘nighttime rejuvenation’ products. Remember those eczema outbreaks we battled during high school? FREEDOM Naturals has a solution for that too! Next time I see those dry, scaly patches come up, I’ll lather on the Eczema Power Ointment. The soothing colloidal oatmeal, Aloe Vera and Allantoin will relieve the terrible itching and rashes while also moisturizing.

I‘ve always felt like I take care of my body pretty well. I mean, I do pay for those monthly (and expensive) Buda juice-cleanses and can sometimes afford to buy groceries at Whole Foods, but definitely lost sight of the most important part of my body: you, skin.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying with me all this time (not that you really had a choice). And don’t worry, with FREEDOM Naturals, our future looks more promising than ever before.
You take care, and I’ll take care of you!



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