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Everyone has dealt with dry, scaly skin, especially in the winter. But for those dealing with eczema, this is an everyday battle. Dealing with dry, itchy and inflamed patches of skin is the norm – and, of course, only gets worse when you pick, scratch and touch your irritated skin.

While flare-ups are common among those who suffer from eczema, there are a few unexpected triggers that may be intensifying your symptoms. We’re here to break down four unexpected causes of your eczema flare-ups.

Saturday Morning Brunch

As most people know, food can play a major role in the appearance and condition of your complexion. This rings true for eczema flare-ups, as well. Some foods to avoid if you’re experiencing a flare-up include eggs, nuts, seeds, wheat and dairy.

Your Daily Hot Shower

While those who suffer from eczema may love a hot shower to relieve itchiness or the stress from the day, it may be doing more harm than good. The heat from the shower can seriously exacerbate eczema symptoms, and in return, can cause more dryness and irritation. Instead, try keeping showers and baths as short as possible and only use lukewarm water.

Your Wardrobe

It may be time for a wardrobe makeover. Even the type of fabric that you put on your body can cause your eczema symptoms to flare-up. Some fabrics that are best to avoid include wool, synthetics and other rough materials. To help avoid eczema symptoms, try sticking to loose fitting, cotton garments. Tags can cause irritation, too, so make sure to cut them off all of your clothing.

That Pesky Pollen

Pollen is an extremely common trigger for those dealing with eczema flare-ups. When pollen counts are high, it’s best to stay inside and keep all windows closed. If you must go outside, take a shower immediately when you come in to remove any pollen from your skin and hair.

Being aware of these unexpected triggers can help significantly reduce flare-ups. As always, a good place to start in effectively managing eczema symptoms is a solid skincare routine. Look for botanical-based healing products, like FREEDOM’s Eczema Power OintmentTM, to include in your daily routine. This powerful cream helps relieve itching and rashes while moisturizing the skin.

To learn more about FREEDOM Naturals, visit our natural healing skincare product line at FreedomNaturals.com.

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